Modifying Engine problem [4.11.2]


That’s my first time modifying engine source. I am using engine downloaded via Launcher (not from GitHub repo). I have added some methods in UCharacterMovementComponent class and made them BlueprintCallable via UFUNCTION macro. Then I have compiled project & Engine in VS2015 but I cannot use my methods in my character blueprint who use CharacterMovementComponent. Mentioned character is just first person character from Epic’s template. Do I need to take any additional steps to compile engine or maybe I need to extend CharacterMovementComponent and then try to use my custom methods? I am a bit confused…

Thanks for any help

Can you post your code changes?

Also, modifying existing Engine code is a quick way to learn how things work, but it is generally not what we recommend. It would indeed be better if you created your own sub-class in your own module to keep your stuff separate.