Modify Spawned actor linear Velocity from Level Blueprint

Hi there!

Im having problems to call from Level Blueprints a custom event in a Blueprint Pawn spawned.


You are expecting a skeleton Iron Ball Pawn in but you are sending a Iron Ball Pawn to the function.

Make sure you are actually specifiying the correct input object type in the function, or that your type in your pawn is the type you expect. Probably you can specifiy if it’s going to be a skeletal pawn or not as a base class, your iron ball is not using a skeleton, but the input you are expecting should derrive from a skeleton based pawn.

Would be my guess. But it’s a guess.

I create a pawn for my ball actor, then create a custom event, is this Blueprint a skeleton pawn by default? Where should I change it ?

I read in another post that this seems to be an issue with “Use New Blueprint Menuing System” in version 4.5.

Try to update to 4.5.1 and see if thats solves the problem. :slight_smile: