Modify Root Motion Rotation

Hi all,

I originally posted this in the Animation section, but think it may be a bit more appropriate here seeing as I’m looking for blueprint help.

Sorry if this question’s been asked a hundred times before, but I couldn’t seem to find an answer searching around the forums. I’m creating a side scrolling shooter using Kubold’s Rifle Animset Pro, and I’m having one issue with my navigation. The 180 degree turn using root motion doesn’t actually seem to turn a full 180. It seems like it is only rotating about 150 degrees. If I print the actor rotation every time I attempt to turn 180 degrees I get the following:

Starting at Y=-90
P=0.000000 Y=110.398293 R=0.000000
P=0.000000 Y=-54.361137 R=0.000000
P=0.000000 Y=140.889725 R=0.000000

I’ve tried looking around the animation settings but can’t find any way to set the magnitude of the turn, and using an animation notifier to set the actor rotation at the end of the animation looks way too choppy. Is there any way I can use blueprints to guarantee that it is a 180 degree turn without switching to an in-place animation? I’m not really sure how to set those up as I’m pretty new to Unreal blueprint scripting, especially in setting up a character’s animations.