Moderators: What is the Policy on Posting Log File Contents?

I posted an question about an issue I was having, and someone commented/suggested that I should post my log file.

The log file is 47 KB. I posted the contents line-by-line as Code Sample. When I posted my reply, this web site presented a banner message across the top indicating that the post was to be reviewed by a moderator.

Ultimately, my reply was removed. I’m not sure why.

May we please have guidance on why the log file reply was removed? It was a lengthy reply to-be-sure. But in the past, I have seen other commenters post their log files.

So I also tried to post a very-much abbreviated excerpt from the log file. Maybe 6 lines at most. That too was removed. Again, not sure why.

Any profanity or anything that could potentially be flagged as such? I find even school yard words like s-t-u-p-i-d will cause my comments and posts to be removed.

Then I honestly don’t know. Hopefully a mod or whatever can weigh in then.

No profanity or anything of that nature. Just straightforward technical discussion.

I’m a professional developer. I treat this as professional communication. I don’t even curse in-person.

Edit: well, I usually treat it as professional. Never any profanity, tho. :wink: