Moderately ambitious survival project

Hey y’all, I got a fairly ambitious project in the conceptual stages, but I can’t pull it off alone! Here I will describe what the project is, what it means to me, and who I am, and who I’m looking for!


This project will be based on a true story about my best (canine) friend, Bridger! (this is him below)

He has an incredible story about survival. He was born in a puppy mill, and raised there for 3-4 years (it’s impossible to say how long for certain.) He was eventually rescued and adopted (by me.) He lived with us for a few years, when one day he got lost in the woods. He was lost for several months, and nobody really knows what kind of hell he went through. He eventually found himself in another home, whose owner called us and we got him back.

This game will take place during these hard times, and will present very interesting and innovative gameplay opportunities. The gameplay will be all about survival, not letting him starve or get killed by anyone or anything. The player will play completely from his perspective, and will have to hunt, run, and survive against all of the harshest odds.

This story is so important to me, some people might see him as “just a dog/pet/whatever,” but he is truly a source of inspiration for me and so many other people.

This project is still in it’s conceptual stages, so I’m not only looking for someone to help program, but also discuss various options for art style, gameplay, story telling and everything.

I’m marking this as unpaid because I can’t guarantee what we do to sell or be lucrative, but I am far more than willing to give my team mates a cut of whatever profits come of this.


I love doing level design, it is my favourite part of being a developer. But I also know my fair share about how to work with blueprints. I’m constantly learning new things.


I’m looking for people with at least a year or so of experience in UE4 (basically about my level.) There are multiple spots open in this project, since it is going to be relatively ambitious.

First off, I’m going to need an animator. Most of the animations in this game are going to be various animals. I won’t be able to just use mixamo animations anymore.

I’m also going to need a modeler. I can create various basic objects (beds, houses, trees etc.), but I’m going to need someone to create all of the various animals and skeletal meshes.

Since this game is going to be kind of big, I’m also open to level designers and blueprint experts/specialists/whatever.


If you have questions that I haven’t addressed, comments, or just want to say hi, you can respond to this post, pm me, or email me ( ) I’m probably going to respond to emails the quickest.

That’s it for now, don’t be shy!

I’m taking it out of the conceptual stages now and starting work on the maps. I could still use help on this :smiley:

I’ve gotten much of the map under way, but there’s still lots of work to be done. This project is unique and has tons of potential. I’m still looking for partners in this venture, all of the positions listed above are still open. Hit me up if you’re interested :slight_smile: