Modelling workflow (3DS Max)

I’m confused. What is the correct method for working with models, particularly materials and textures.?
Is there a method for adding static decals (dirt, drips, mould etc) in the editor, or do I have to paint these onto the textures/skin? How do I paint detail onto a repeating/seamless texture? Am I missing something.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial: Decal Actor (english) - YouTube in Photoshop u must create 2 texture-Dff and Mask Alfa-then u see in tutor upper how)

Depends on what you’re making. For characters you’d model a base mesh in 3ds Max and then export to a sculpting program like Mudbox or Zbrush. There you would sculpt details, you could even paint textures directly to the model if you want. You would still want to do your UV mapping before exporting from Max though.
After that, you’d bake your maps to your low-poly mesh and export it back to 3ds Max for rigging and animation and then export to UE4.

For other stuff, like environment stuff, you can model in 3ds Max, maybe texture in Photoshop, in certain cases you can even paint your normal maps in another program instead of modeling them in 3ds Max.

Thanks Slava, that was very helpful. That’s just what I’m after.
darthviper107: I’m currently working with buildings with interiors, but your info regarding character modelling will come in handy very soon :). I have walls, floors and ceilings UVW mapped and assigned to individual IDs. I’m torn between skinning a model with a single skin, or applying individual materials in the editor, to the mesh, via material IDs, as if they were BSP brushes. (if that makes sense?)
Thanks for your help guys.

You can apply multiple materials, just remember that each material is a draw call and that lowers performance