Model Editor improvements!

I can’t believe it just occurred to me…

The model editor really needs to have:

  • Snap
  • Different views rather than just perspective (top, bottom, left, right, ortho views)

It would also help if we could move the vertices on the collisions rather than just using transforms <— this would make creating collisions for more complex stuff ALOT easier.

Did you switch to using complex meshes for simple collision in the Mesh editor?

Err. I’ve just been using the box collision and doing my best to work with it. AFAIK using complex collisions is resource intensive, or am I wrong on that? From the information from sources at Epic, they state that the model will be rendered twice. This, I cannot have, because if the game is rendering 1 object twice, it will then be rendering it 4 times in VR. Nonononononononononono, no, this I cannot work with.

Even so, I think being able to edit the vertices on the simplified collision models would be a good feature to have.

Hi SaviorNT -

The best way to handle complex collision items in the engine is to model out a “simplified” complex collision in your modeling software. Setting the name of the Collision Item to UCX_[Name of Model that it is applying collision to]. This way when you import the original mesh into the engine, you will have a custom collision which is still significantly lower poly and less resource intensive than then use complex as simple collision option.

As of 4.8, the snapping feature has been added to the Static Mesh Editor and the Perspective, Top, Right etc. drop down has also been added, though the shortcut commands have worked since 4.7

Thank You