Model deformed as FBX, working as OBJ, help?

Hello there, so I’ve spent some time making a 3d model of a sword in 3ds max, but whenever I export it as FBX and then import it in Mudbox or Unreal Engine 4, the model is completely deformed. However if I export it as an OBJ and then import it in Mudbox, it works perfectly. Could anyone help me with this? I need it to work as FBX for UE4.

Here are some screenshots.

Model in 3ds max:

Model in Mudbox as FBX:

Thanks in advance for (hopefully) your help!

Could it be that you have a sheared matrix on that sword when exporting as fbx?
Obj doesnt support those types of matrix modifications so thats why it looks alright when you export in obj. Try resetting those things in 3ds max before exporting.
Or simply export as obj, then the obj back into max, and then back out as fbx.

I already reset pivot, transform and scale but nothing. However importing it as obj and then exporting it as fbx did the trick. Thanks a lot.
Only problem is that now material IDs seem to be gone.

Edit: Reassigned material IDs all over again, everything works fine now, thanks again.

Usually before exporting to another program (or before rigging for animation and stuff like that) you’ll need to reset the transforms of the object since it can mess up in other programs. You can do this in 3ds Max by going to the Utilities tab and clicking Reset XForm. That will keep the current shape but make the scale back to 100% and the rotation back to 0,0,0