model changes in-game technical name?

I’m a beginner.
I have already seen the tutorials and I am enjoying but I have not found any that show how to manipulate the models.

For example towerdefense give update in the construction or for example in a surviving/crafting game
Break a tree and appear pieces of the tree
Build a hut - for every piece of wood and see yourself being built. (like theforest for example)
Put stones and wood to make bonfire, etc…

What is the technical name to search for toturials?
Or is it just to make it disappear and place a new one in the same place previous one?


99% of the time, that’s it. You might want to cover it up a bit with a particle effect or a bouncy animation or something to make the switch less abrupt.

You can also search for “morph targets” for changing game characters (deforming the mesh at runtime). But this is mostly for skeletal meshes (animated characters). If you want to “add” more parts to a tower, usually you just replace the mesh with another mesh like Xenome suggested.

Seems to be complicated :slight_smile: but for example in Blender have layers does UE4 can use that feature to hide and unhide that layers seems to be more easy but I cant find any helping guide/toturials

are you possibly searching for ‘spawn’ and ‘destroy’?

ty all I not found nothing usefully but I will search better with that tips