Mobile VR Grainy / laggy text


I have been pondering about how to improve the text quality on my mobile VR app, at the moment when i move my head theres pixels jumping all around the text as if it lacks anti aliasing.
As far as I have read it seems anti aliasing etc does not apply to text renderes and widgets (Which makes sense).

I’ve seen improvements when using 3D widget and render it at 1 in scale, and changing the size of the text in the widget to the appropriate size. However this as well does not seem to yield the same results as other apps specially the standard home apps in Oculus and HTC Focus where the text seems really nice.

Also saw improvements by increasing vr.PixelDensity to around 1.5 - 1.6 but this starts to lag the entire application far beyond a comfortable experience.

To my understanding they’re using unity, but I can’t see why that should matter.

What can I do to improve it?
I’ve seen others ask, but yet to find something that works.

Thanks in advance! :smiley: