Mobile/tablet : Unlit color with Antialising

I want to display right unlit color with antialising on Mobile/tablet target.
I dig into the “DefaultEngine.ini” config file and play with the MobileHDR line.

  1. case A : When “r.MobileHDR=False” My color are well displayed but I dont have anymore antialiasing
  2. case B : When "r.MobileHDR=True" I have antialising but my color are darker and doesn’t well reflect my unlit material

How can I have antialiasing with well displayed color ?
AutoExposure are False so I don’t understand where come from this post process and where I can disabled it or at least counterbalance it.

Do you have any advice about this ?
How do you tackle this problem ?
Thank you.


Just a bump to this question :
Seriously is there any way to disable this post process effect And preserve antialiasing / motion blur ?
If no How do you make a 2d graphic game ??