Mobile Rendering Problems/Differences on iOS(iPad) and ES2 Preview/SM5

Hi, We have a problem with major difference among DX11 render, iOS ES2 preview and final results on iPad. I’m gonna try to express the issue with visuals as much as I can. I’m using 4.10.4 that directly downloaded from launcher. There are properly places lightmass importance and precomputed visibility volumes, a stationary directional light and some static point lights in the scene. Lightmap resolution is overrided to 1024.

Here is my lightmass settings.

Here is my mobile devices config files.

These are the results that I get on Windows shader model 5. (New editor window PIE)

Not perfect, it has some stain-like artifacts, but it’s very close to result that we want to get. With some more static lights that will be cool.

Results from iOS ES2 preview mode:

And finally results from iPad:

In addition to the visuals that I got from our custom level, we also tested Sun Temple on iPad. Some screenshots from Sun Temple on iPad.
First one is very good, exactly as expected.

Second one shows the weird difference between directional light affected section and static lights affected section.

Last one is the most weird one, completely different than SM5.

We’re using and going to use iPad Air 2 in the end, any advice to get rid of those problems and get more proper results on iPad? Thanks in advance.