Mobile lighting issue

I’ve a endless game and I’m spawning obstacles during runtime (which are movable static meshes) everything worked fine before I rebuild lights on persistent level, every obstacle and player are black now in ES2 preview and on Device. I’m not able to go back to older revision.

I’ve tried everything:

  • Removed importance volumes,
  • Added importance volumes,
  • Added other directional lights,

But still they are black. I can send my project on e-mail or PM on Forums.

Hi Intoxicat3,

I’ve tried setting up a simple setup as you’ve described, but I am unable to see the same results on our internal build of the engine.

If you want to send a link to download the project you can send me a link via the forums with a private message and I’ll gladly take a look and see if I can figure out what’s going on.

Thank you!