Mobile interface not working

Does whoever is running the update actually use the forums?
No. Can’t be. I’d they were, the forums would work.

Currently most mobile functionality keeps on crippling every 2 or 3 days due to increasingly slow page loading times.

Normally, this is a database/usage issue where too many requests kill the avaliable ram causing increasingly slow response times over time. Obviously, it could also be another 1001 things - I’m just telling you the most common cause.

In the end, this is all due to poor handing of mobile (and desktop, because the lazy load is the same) design.

  1. you can’t re-read a topic as you reply.
    Whenever you close the mobile keyboard you cause a page reload - currently this is taking about 2seconds of lockup before returning control to the end user.

Easy fix.
Split the response area up so that there’s at least 2 or 3 lines of text of the discussion as a scrollable area above the text input.

  1. the progressive lazy load is hanging the scrolling until after items are rendered.
    The whole point of it should be the opposite.
    You can scroll and it loads/renders later without having to lock the page every post.
    With a 2sec wait time on a full topic, a .02 delay each post makes for a horrid stuttering user experience.

  2. the links below the reply and/or the topic page couple to the loading hang cause the extra topics to get clicked on unintentionally.
    All the ■■■■ time.

Easy fix: remove that section when a message is being written.

  1. all videos to YouTube just hang the browser for no reason at all.
    You actually have to reload the page after you click play.
    This is true for all major versions of mobile browser I have tested. Chrome, Firefox, Stock Samsung, and Adblock browser.

Easy fix, detect if the device is mobile, and open the video in a new window when the user hits play.

There’s way more general issues too.

  1. missing images in topics.

  2. no year visible on posts - who cares it was posted on March 23rd when it was March of 2006? No one, that’s who.
    The whole community would only care to know it was back from March 2006. And we don’t get to know.

  3. missing topics (still). There’s quite a lot that are also getting dropped by Google.

  4. broken links, still. Mostly from marketplace pages to the forum.

  5. same layout after a month even though it was mentioned you’d fix the issues we all reported.
    (Seiously, if I worked that slow I’d have no clients. So either we were all lied to, or Epic really needs to hand the ball off to someone competent).