mobile friendly heat vision like effect

hi. is there any mobile friendly way to create a heat vision effect? like when it’s on i want my enemies to be black(or white) and the rest of the world to be white(or black! doesn’t really matter!) i am thinking about changing the materials but i guess it’s not very mobile friendly?! and my world is static so i guess i can’t change their materials anyways! right?! i’m not sure about post process too! want it to be as light as possible!

we are a sniper and i want the soldiers in the pic to be more visible when enabling this effect. and if there is any other way to highlight the enemies i’m open to suggestions! it doesn’t necessarily have to be like a heat vision!


this is lod coloration viewing mode:

if i can do something like this where my enemies are red and the rest of the world is white is good enough too! but i can’t change the materials of my baked static meshes! when i try to change their materials to a consistent color (or any other materials) it shows the default grey material! please help!

Add a color node to your material. Use lerp to switch from your regular texture to the color you want. Create a constant and plug it into alpha of your lerp node. Make this constant into a parameter. So now if the parameter is 0, you see the regular texture, if its 1 you see te color you chose.

You can then control this constant via blueprint through instanced material or parameter colection.