Mobile features request


I’m still thinking about moving from Unity to UE4 and there is couple of things that I would like to see integrated into UE4 on Mobile:

  • Facebook integration,
  • Twitter integration,
  • Google+ integration,
  • Google Play services integration (leader boards, achievements, multiplayer),
  • Game Center services integration (lb, achievements, multiplayer)
  • In-app purchases integration (iOS and Google Play),
  • Ads: admob, adcolony, chartboost,
  • Flurry integration,

Do you guys want to create support for them or we need to implement them by ourself?


I have been talking with Epic and 2 out of 3 of the ad company’s you have included they are chartboost and admob. We are getting too a agreement for them both too use Unreal Engine 4. As for the rest of what you have said “Game Center” is integrated already along with In-app purchases for iOS but the rest we do not have.

I myself is also a Unity user and in need of all these also, so the past few weeks I have been talking with my advertisers to move over too Unreal Engine 4.