Hi guys, i have some questions about making a game that’s similar to SCUM but I would like to create a big map/city where at least 50 thousand of players (big project) can play against/join but im concerned about the lag factor, ping, graphics…etc etc. Lower the graphics alittle like Minecraft style to ease it? My vision of a game is like GTA but more adult themed (realistic setting), it’ll be like skyrim/scum.

Hello, i am sorry to tell you that i can’t answer your questions, as you haven’t asked them.

I may suggest you to start by something simple(without following a tutorial, there is no tutorial for what you want to do) like a pong, and see how much time it take you and how difficult it is, you may be heavily surprised by the amount of work needed for things you take for granted.

The projects you talk about (Skyrim, GTA) cost hundred of millions of dollars to make. If you are an good developper know-it-all capable of doing everything a game require, you time is probably worth something around 200k per year. If we applied naive logic(wich is waaaaay off by a enormous number of factors, but will give you an idea of what i mean), this mean you would be able to complete GTA V in around 1300 years.

I guess you don’t want that, so you will need external help, for that you will need budget and skills at management.You may get that after completing a lot of smaller projects, wich is why i suggest you to do exactly this.

I wish you good luck, but remember game dev is mostly about the journey, not the end, do not start a big game project thinking once it’s done you will have the game of your dreams : it won’t happen, once it release you will be probably be so sick of testing it that you won’t want to play it for fun, and you will know **every **flaw it has, wich is generally not a good thing for enjoying it and will make you urge to go back to coding to fix them instead of playing around.