MMO Starter Kit

Thanks for the heads up Capt and Tarly. trying to convince my friends to loan me the money. :smiley:

95 euro is not that much though. but with no income from my side and my wife only earns 1100 a month (800 goes on rent and bills). it is like a blockade for me atm. But hopefully my friends believe in my project and loans me the money

My computer is MAC , I am using the engine 4.8.3 , I have bought this wonderful starter kit , I have config the mysql and PHP WebServer , But When I want to register or login the server , I always get below error , any idea? thank u very guys.

LogJson:Warning: Field status was not found.
LogJson:Error: Json Value of type ‘Null’ used as a ‘String’.
LogJson:Warning: Field status was not found.
LogJson:Error: Json Value of type ‘Null’ used as a ‘String’.

Have you turned off the error reporting in php.ini ? If not, php will return a notice that Json in it’s turn will return as an error.

When I clicked the Login Button , get these ,
LogNet: Join succeeded: 256
LogVaRest: Response (200): Success{“status”:“OK”,“sessionkey”:“a9182fdba3”,“userid”:1,“address”:“”}
LogJson:Warning: Field status was not found.
LogJson:Error: Json Value of type ‘Null’ used as a ‘String’.
LogJson:Warning: Field status was not found.
LogJson:Error: Json Value of type ‘Null’ used as a ‘String’. I can get the correct SQL result , but ,after these , the Login panel still there , I cannot login the game , always ,alway , I can click the login button again and again , but the Log say ,status is OK , but the LogJson SAY , There is no status field …

Guys or Spartan,

Is there a known issue when one is looting NPCs. At certain times it seems like the loot item does not disappear from the NPC container (it still comes up on log and is indeed looted). If you loot another item in the same container the first item disappears as well. However if you try to loot the item that is not supposed to be there anymore (i.e. already looted) UE crashes.

I am running this all in editor mode. Everything else seems to be working fine.


屏幕快照 2015-08-02 11.41.34 AM.png
屏幕快照 2015-08-02 11.42.41 AM.png

Now , these errors cannot be resolved , now I am still outdoor…

@Spartan , Please check your Project for MAC and unreal engine 4.8.3 .

I have resolved this problem . I think this is one compatible problem . In Unreal 4.8.3 , the VaRestJson need some modification , in UVaRestJsonObject* UVaRestRequestJSON::GetResponseObject() , before return ResponseJsonObj add this line ResponseJsonObj->DecodeJson(ResponseContent) .

Sellfy link broken:(

to buy to kit you can use this link:

Hey - Quick question. Whats the easiest way to determine if there is an inventory or character or any other window open that requires a mouse pointer. Trying to turn it on and off but not sure if I have to build logic around all scenarios or if there is a simpler way to determine if windows are open.


Depending on the situation, you can use the IsVisible node on the panel - just make sure you drag it from the right panel - you can check which panels are triggered for inventory etc in MMOPlayerController blueprint.

I believe the site was down, it works again now.

Hey CodeSpartan we are moving this because it appears it was never released or submitted to the marketplace and you have it marked the thread as released.


Content creation though? That doesn’t seem fitting either.

I just had to buy it ^^
Anyhow some bugreports i’m not sure if anyone else has mentioned these.
At times mobs respawn as greymarked, cannot be attacked and can still be looted.
Also some times after rightclicking a mob and then marking it again with a left click it will still be red as if marked to be attacked.

Now I just have to get into this all.

Hey there CodeSpartan, great work by the way! Ive been getting into shaping the kit to fit my projects needs and so far haven’t done much at all except delete much of the demo content and set up my server. Everything seems to work fine except the inventory and the quests aren’t saving on exit. I’m not sure why because the player position, stats and even equipment are saving so I know it connects and works with my SQL.
Ive even just tested the “out of the box” zip version with the same results. all I changed was the server URL to point to my DB. No errors or anything just no entries made in the DB under Inventory or Quests.

Any help would be awesome. Thanks.

Should probably be under the community tools section imo.

If you’re not hosting the php on localhost, you can send me your Hostname in a private message so that I can test it for you. Also, you can contact me on Skype (CodeSpartan) for quicker support.

Hey CodeSpartan, I have bought your mmo kit, and it’s great. But I’ve run into some problems, and I would really like your help.

First off, when I edit the DraggableWindow blueprint (Add text, new background etc.) the FullUI BP breaks along with several other files (MMOController, MyCharacter etc.), all the “draggablewindow” nodes gets cut off, and I have to manually place them the right places again afterwards, which is rather time consuming.

Second off, the inventory doll in the equipment window is just a gray box, and if I open the guymodular bp, all the meshes in there are very different sizes (in the viewport).


Hi, thanks for reporting this. To fix: open DesertRallyRace level, go to Window - Levels, right-click on DollMap and select Change Streaming Method - Always Loaded.

I’ve managed to reproduce it. It only happens when you modify DraggableWindow bp’s event graph and is the UE4 editor error. The workaround is to modify and compile that blueprint, reload the editor and it will work from now on without the need to reload again.

Thanks for the info :slight_smile: I got it somewhat working. Only problem now is that I have to restart the editor everytime I edit the draggablewindow bp, to keep the nodes from breaking…

Some other questions: I have followed your documentation about replacing the player character, and have done so with working animations etc. But the problem is that now I cant attack the NPCs. Do you have any idea why? My attack animation should be setup correctly.

On another note, how difficult would it be to add the ability to rotate the player character in the umg? So you could drag the model around to better see your gear etc?

Thanks a lot :wink:


I’m thinking that maybe the reason why I can’t get the player to attack, might be because I have created a new model which is not modular? Also, how would I go about equipping through the inventory window, when my model is not modular?