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Spartan or Others,

Question for you guys. I am working on changing the target/fighting system to free target FPS. Integrating the MMO Pack with the realistic weapons blueprint system. Now started thinking about performance last night. I know you guys performance tested this with 150 or so players. However do you have any feel for how spawning automatic rifle bullets (mesh projectiles that are real-time moved on server with physics applied) will impact the back end performance of the server client interaction? Would it be a dumb decision to use true projectiles/ballistics (even though preferred) vs “instant hit” concepts for modern weapons in this scenario?



I’ve asked that in the RWB threadsince I was also curious about this.

On another subject, CodeSpartan will you be updating the MMO characters so that there are less XYZButtonPressed nodes and more InputAction nodes, and code moved into functions so they are easily over-ridden? I’m asking because I think it would be easier then for people to update to new kit releases by just over-writing the old one while using child blueprints to over-ride the functions with any additional features required.

If you’re not going to be doing this then I’ll start on doing it for my own uses but I didn’t want to start just yet on the off chance that the next release would have done it all for me.


MrMrC, I’ve yet to experiment with the two different systems, but I feel like what you should do my depend on your game content. For instance, within closed quarters, simulating bullets doesn’t really have much practicality. You won’t gain any realism if an enemy your player is attacking is within, say 100ft, because the bullet would likely travel quicker than their ping.

Also, because small caliber bullets are, well, small, the player likely won’t even notice a projectile if you create one.

However, if you are going to assume long ranges of combat, then simulations may add some realism.

Also depending on the weapon, because the auto-hit mechanic really isn’t convincing for a grenade launcher, or those retro-scifi bows which shoot god-knows-what, or most energy weapons, like those of the Halo games.

So in other words… IMO it really depends on context.

Fair point. Was thinking for mainly open world outdoor environments. So projectile does make sense. But not sure how the back bone of the network system would react to 1000+ projectile meshes replicating over the server.

Might have been asked before… what about saving the state of the game world?

What about a DIY implementation? Write something that will attempt to simulate a crazy number of projectiles going through random points of the world and see how it reacts?

I was also looking for something along the line of saving persistent multiplayer map states. I’m guessing serializing everything per tile and pushing it to an external database?

How do you handle starter kit updates and what is the charge per update of the package?

Congratulations on getting greenlit. The game looks great, and actually pushed me over the edge to trying the MMO Starter Kit myself.

Great progress so far. Loving the kit and Gratz on greenlight. I look forward to playing it :P. On a side note I added you on skype. I’d like to pick your brain about some things if possible.

Would get this. but 95 Euro is a lot when you are a unemployed full time developer.

I wouldn’t use true projectiles for pistols and rifles, I’d use them for weapons such as rocket launcher though. This way the performance impact shouldn’t be too great.

The updates are free and they become available for download automatically.

You can save the world data to MySQL database in the same way the character data is saved now. You would have to create a new php script similar to savecharacter.php, and handle sending the request in JSONRequests blueprint. In MMOGame or some other server blueprint you can set use a Set Timer Delegate node that will call the request every 5 mins or so.

I plan to change XYZButton to InputAction soon but the rest of MyCharacter etc blueprints will mostly stay the same.

As a full time developer you know the amount of work and time that has gone into this project, if you would need to hire a programmer or program this yourself it would cost you a whole lot more.
I can understand 95 Euro is a lot of money for a lot of people, especially if you’re unemployed. For what you get it is dirt cheap though.
If you really want to develop some sort of mmo game there really isn’t anything comparable to get you started and well worth the money especially if you consider the fact it’s still in development and features are added over time and the developer gives great support.

I hope you will be able to raise some money if you really want this because even though you can’t afford it right now it’s well worth the investment to get you started in developing your own mmo game on the best game engine there is.

I agree Capt O. The leg up it gives you is a huge benefit. And the support you get from Codespartan is by far better than anything else I have ever gotten from a game assets.

Even if it took 5-6 months to save up the money (or more) the kit continues to be added to but the price has stayed the same. (more bang for your buck.)

Thanks for the heads up Capt and Tarly. trying to convince my friends to loan me the money. :smiley:

95 euro is not that much though. but with no income from my side and my wife only earns 1100 a month (800 goes on rent and bills). it is like a blockade for me atm. But hopefully my friends believe in my project and loans me the money

My computer is MAC , I am using the engine 4.8.3 , I have bought this wonderful starter kit , I have config the mysql and PHP WebServer , But When I want to register or login the server , I always get below error , any idea? thank u very guys.

LogJson:Warning: Field status was not found.
LogJson:Error: Json Value of type ‘Null’ used as a ‘String’.
LogJson:Warning: Field status was not found.
LogJson:Error: Json Value of type ‘Null’ used as a ‘String’.

Have you turned off the error reporting in php.ini ? If not, php will return a notice that Json in it’s turn will return as an error.

When I clicked the Login Button , get these ,
LogNet: Join succeeded: 256
LogVaRest: Response (200): Success{“status”:“OK”,“sessionkey”:“a9182fdba3”,“userid”:1,“address”:“”}
LogJson:Warning: Field status was not found.
LogJson:Error: Json Value of type ‘Null’ used as a ‘String’.
LogJson:Warning: Field status was not found.
LogJson:Error: Json Value of type ‘Null’ used as a ‘String’. I can get the correct SQL result , but ,after these , the Login panel still there , I cannot login the game , always ,alway , I can click the login button again and again , but the Log say ,status is OK , but the LogJson SAY , There is no status field …

Guys or Spartan,

Is there a known issue when one is looting NPCs. At certain times it seems like the loot item does not disappear from the NPC container (it still comes up on log and is indeed looted). If you loot another item in the same container the first item disappears as well. However if you try to loot the item that is not supposed to be there anymore (i.e. already looted) UE crashes.

I am running this all in editor mode. Everything else seems to be working fine.


屏幕快照 2015-08-02 11.41.34 AM.png
屏幕快照 2015-08-02 11.42.41 AM.png

Now , these errors cannot be resolved , now I am still outdoor…

@Spartan , Please check your Project for MAC and unreal engine 4.8.3 .