MMO Starter Kit

The deployer must take care of both those things. It seems like the deployer wasn’t able to connect to the FTP server for some reason. Could you show the connection errors that you get?

The UI is done in Winforms, you can customize the look of the launcher through VS’s editor, like this:

(I right clicked on the background image, hit “properties” and can now change the image to something else… stuff can be moved around, it’s basically a WYSIWYG editor)


There is no exact procedure for this, but you can see how it’s implemented in the kit and reimplement it in another project.

There’s a ChatConnect actor (exists in blueprints, inherits from a C++ class) that you spawn somewhere on BeginPlay locally if you’re a client, and this actor connects to the chatserver, relaying the information back and forth. The relaying part happens in C++, so you don’t have to worry about it. You just have to output its messages on the screen in your UMG widget that you make in your new project (you can take a peek at how the widget is implemented in the kit if you want).

Anyway, look for ChatConnect blueprint and see what happens inside. Also search for it in other blueprints to see where it’s used. And go from there.

Thanks for the info. i didn’t set up the interface in Vstudio but now it feels more like the WYSIWYG stuff im’ used to!
i have been poking around some with the chat stuff and think i got it isolated in a project all by itself, well, with the login stuff also of course.

For the launcher, i am 100% sure that it is not a adress failure as i changed nothing in either textfiles in going from a failure upload to succesful! just providing my own hash.xml file

Root motion,No Move forward , why

Video demo:

still in development? worth it?

Just thought I’d share the menu level design on one of our current projects using mmo starter kit. It was a simple matter to convert to a 3d menu. I hesitate over the water before clicking the scroll to show my partner the coi fish, but the video gets all choppy and its hard to see… plus the video is a little laggy. The video was meant to just be a rough thing to show Syko. Also, haven’t changed the character creation screen yet because I’m waiting for my partner to return the morphable meshes rigged to create the character creation screen, which will save blend shape values and be called on load. (not demonstrated yet, will show it off when I get to that part, lots of animations and stuff for us to do first)

Updated to 4.20.

In uploader, FtpManager.cs line 106, add line: ftpRequest.EnableSsl = false;
Uploading files to ftp failed with my server configuration, don’t know if you’ll need it too, but I added it just in case.

If you want to port 4.19 version to 4.20 yourself, PublicIncludePaths now need absolute path in VaRestEditorPlugin.Build.cs, so get the latest 4.19 version of the plugin (until 4.20 version of varest becomes available…) and do this:

Once 4.20 version of varest becomes available, this won’t be necessary.

any improvements with replication graph?

What’s a replication graph?


Can I use this project for Android application? How much does it cost? Can you help me to build my own project?

replication graph is a new tool that deals with replication for large actor count muliplayer games they developed it for fortnite. New in 4.20.

Thanks, I’ll be reading up on that.

One thing that the 4.20 version improved dramatically is that they finally fixed the situation where reliable multicasts would forcibly open replication channels to actors that are netculled, forcing EVERYONE to create an actor, receive the multicast, and then allow the actor to be netculled again. It was very resource intensive, and if you wanted to go around it, you had to perform multicasts unreliably or to do them through variables’ OnRep functions. Neither of those are great. Thankfully it’s finally fixed.

Ok, so I’ve watched the video on replication graph and got the gist of it. It’s a flexible system that allows you to define rules for when, how often and what to replicate to what connection. It’s nice, but it’s really supposed to be configured once you have most of your game with all the classes, because you define replication rules on the per class basis. It’s supposed to be done late in development. It wouldn’t be of much use for the MMO Kit, because the kit is only the foundation for a game.

Personally, I’ll wait till it’s out of the experimental phase and has some more documentation, then I’ll implement it for the MMO I’m working on. And we’re always one version behind the latest ue4 version. So I’ll probably really dive into it in half a year or so.

Getting a weird issue and I have no idea why.

LogScriptCore: Warning: Script Msg: Attempted to access index 0 from array 'CallFunc_GetAllActorsOfClass_OutActors' of length 0 in '/Game/MMO/Blueprints/Inventory/Equipment.Equipment_C:ExecuteUbergraph_Equipment'!
LogVaRest: Response (200): 
LogVaRest: Error: UVaRestJsonObject::SetRootObject(45): Trying to set invalid json object as root one. Reset now.
LogVaRest: Warning: No field with name status of type String
LogVaRest: Warning: No field with name status of type String
LogBlueprintUserMessages: [GWPlayerState_C_0] Server: 
LogBlueprintUserMessages: [GWPlayerState_C_0] Server: ID: 0
LogVaRest: Request (json): POST http://localhost/gb/mmogetcharacters.php 
    "sessionkey": "",
    "userid": 0
LogVaRest: Response (200): 
LogVaRest: Error: UVaRestJsonObject::SetRootObject(45): Trying to set invalid json object as root one. Reset now.
LogVaRest: Warning: No field with name status of type String
LogBlueprintUserMessages: [GWPlayerState_C_0] Server: Get all characters failed status check.

I got these weird errors when I tried to upgrade my project to 4.20. I made the changes in to VaRestPlugin.

Looks like your php scripts don’t return anything, your local scripts/db aren’t set up correctly.

Did you back up your project before upgrading and can you confirm that these errors weren’t present in your previous version?

Upload the project to google drive and send me a link in PM, I’ll have a look at it.

Yeah in the previous version I didn’t get these errors. I’ll upload it and send it over shortly thanks so much!!

I inspected your project. You forgot to check the “Run Dedicated Server” checkbox after migrating to 4.20

Yeah sorry to trouble you, a friend just told me the same thing. Thanks for the support.

Hi, I downloaded the new mmokit version 4.20 and Iv done all the setups but when I go to start map I can not make a username or password, the password just diapers.I have added my domain name and everything checks out right I clicked run dedicated server, this is a fresh install of mmokit. Version 4.19 works great just cant get passed the making a username and password in 4.20

Thank you