MMO Starter Kit


This is a great addition to the community.

I was wondering if there is a way to adapt it so to make it run in rooms (for instance, a player creates a room, where other players can join, and eventually play a match). Or should it be used only for MMO (as the title suggests)?

Hi it does not work with 4.16.1 version cannot rebuild it at all :frowning: **** bad

After i click yes a message apear and says CleanThirdPerson could not be compiled. Try rebuilding from source manually… :frowning: Any help ??

Do you have visual studio installed?

I had but without C++ Tools :slight_smile: now i can compile it so i will try it to make it work…

World Composition supports 150 players per level, which is a part of the World Composition or only 150 players for the whole World Composition?

Isn’t that a kick in the teeth? lol… that Visual Studios doesn’t have C++ language checked to install by default? talk about forgetting your roots.

So, I want to ask some advice, from CS… from all of you. Unlike some of the other guys and gals, my current project is not an open world one. So, here is what I am wondering… should I make a large map with lots of streaming proxies (easy enough) and have it on one server. Or should I just make small maps, and have one per server to try to maximize potential logins without performance issues. I am open to any thoughts or suggestions. At this point I was thinking of going more of a dark souls 3 direction, with smaller more beautiful areas but with A++ performance… but maybe less constricted in where you go. I too enjoyed WoW style games back in the day, and am by no means being negative about open world builds… great stuff. But for my purposes I think performance with beauty is more important than open world immersion, this is to be more of a pvp style of game with some pve content. Any suggestions?

I have done streaming proxy setups before, so that wouldn’t be an issue. It’s more of a logistical question, maybe some of you have done one or both, or can forsee some things that I may not be able to.

i same issue too…
develop server build error
past one week doesn’t answer

Hi CodeSpartan,

Just a reach out here .

I tried to pm you but it seems I need to make 5 posts on the forum before I am allowed to do that? (can someone confirm please)

Loved your work on the game you are no longer working on (don’t worry, the moment I found out you are no longer part of it I had it refunded)
Hope your construction company is working out and that you have re-found the joy of coding and making awesome products.

Chin up and keep up the good work.

Kind regards,

Wrench Crowbar
(Cavemen Studios)

“Persistent storage of data in a mySQL database. Character position and stats are saved when the character logs off and restored when it enters world again.”

I was wondering if you, or possibly someone else could explain a little more into this. Do you lose data if you don’t log off, and the game crashes for example or something of this matter happens? If not, how did you go about storing all of this massive amounts of data, just in mySQL?

If client crashes, it’s not a problem, since it’s the server who has the authority to save your character, not the client. So it’s as if the client logged off.

Thanks. Yeah, I’m coding again.

If you’re not expecting a lot of players, you could just launch all areas (one dedicated server per area) on one physical server. When there’s not much going on, each dedicated server only consumes 2-3% CPU.

CodeSpartan, will this ever appear on the Unreal Marketplace? I am interested in getting it from there… I see you mentioned previously that code was not allowed on the marketplace, but that is no longer the case now.

use UnrealEngine 3a8ed8e9142861693e4e6a8de61b718019828ce3.jpeg

Cannot pack ,forcing save package, and it just hangs there, entire night doing that.


Cook: LogCook: display: Forcing save package E:/…/Content/MMO/NewCharacter/GuyMaterial.uasset because was already requeued once

Cook: LogCook: display: Forcing save package E:/…/Content/MMO/Quests/StartsQuestMat.uasset because was already requeued once

Migrating assets to another project is not the solution.
Deleting Saved/Intermediate/Build/Binaries Folders aren’t working, too.
Fixing the Redirectors doesn’t help, either.


Hi CodeSPartan, wonderful package to buy. I am following your directions but cant seem to build the mmostarter kit. When i right click cleanthirdperson.uproject, and generate visual studios files it gives an error:

Running C:/Program Files/Epic Games/UE_4.16/Engine/Binaries/DotNET/UnrealBuildTool.exe -projectfiles -project=“C:/Total Supremacy/Total Supremacy/CleanThirdPerson.uproject” -game -rocket -progress
Discovering modules, targets and source code for project…
Messages while compiling C:\Total Supremacy\Total Supremacy\Intermediate\Build\BuildRules\CleanThirdPersonModuleRules.dll:
c:\Total Supremacy\Total Supremacy\Source\CleanThirdPersonServer.Target.cs(58,48) : error CS0115: ‘CleanThirdPersonServerTarget.GUBP_GetPlatforms_MonolithicOnly(UnrealBuildTool.UnrealTargetPlatform)’: no suitable method found to override
c:\Total Supremacy\Total Supremacy\Source\CleanThirdPersonServer.Target.cs(67,53) : error CS0115: ‘CleanThirdPersonServerTarget.GUBP_GetConfigs_MonolithicOnly(UnrealBuildTool.UnrealTargetPlatform, UnrealBuildTool.UnrealTargetPlatform)’: no suitable method found to override
UnrealBuildTool Exception: ERROR: UnrealBuildTool encountered an error while compiling source files

i even switch the version type like you said. when I try to launch it, it says it cant be built, try doing it manually. I am confused. what exactly do i need to do?

i figured it out CodeSpartan. I was using an older version of MMO Starter Kit. Now i am using up to date and current it doesnt give me the errors.

Has the player bin fixed where if someone/you jumped it would break and go in a T position then when they hit the ground it will go back to normal, Im very interested in getting this just wanted to know.

4.16 ver

[2017.08.06-18.26.03:500] 0]LogProperty:Warning: Serialized Class /Script/CoreUObject.LinkerPlaceholderExportObject for a property of WidgetBlueprintGeneratedClass /Game/MMO/Blueprints/Inventory/InventorySlot.InventorySlot_C. Reference will be NULLed.

Any chance to get an update for 4.17? Thnx so much for your work on this spartan!

Sure, I’m working on it. Should be ready in a few days.

At one point, in the early days of the kit, I didn’t have a jump animation and the character went into a weird pose while jumping, maybe even T-pose? That was a very long time ago. Not due to any problem with the anim blueprint, but simply due to lack of a custom animation.

When and how does this occur? If you’re reporting a bug, I would need repro steps.

No plans to go through the marketplace at the moment.

Hey, so I’m in the middle of moving and I thought I was going to be able to release the 4.17 version before I actually move to the new place with no internet, but there wasn’t enough time. I’ll be back online in a week, sorry for a slight delay.

Hey Codespartan, np and thanks for your continued updates to this kit. Also congratulations on reaching pi number of posts!