MMO on TCP without C++ only on BP

Is it possible to create an MMO without C ++? For example, how to implement a server having a basic knowledge of programming (not only C ++, for example C #).
How to make a bunch of the database or system of registration / login. And whether blueprint adapted to such problems?
What tools should be explored? Where video tutorial on this objective?
How to set the data transfer protocol (TCP / UDP)?
I know this forum a lot of similar threads, and the answers were given more than once, but I beg you to help me find the information rather than do everything for me.
Thank you.
Sorry for bad english.

Hi, its possible…
But… its not that easy and for MMO games you need usually team of skilled people…
It depends how complicated do you want your mmo…
my advice is: dont start with mmo, first create something simple and you will see…

There have been at least two projects promoted on these forums whose stated goal was to create a MMO server backend with an integrated UE4 client. Both of these, sadly and perhaps predictably, faded without success. Both those efforts were produced by people with considerable experience in network and server programming.

You might read through those long threads for hints.

There exists a very good starter MMO solution for UE4 called MMO-Kit by @CodeSpartan. This has been tested up to 147 players. It’s a good place to start to learn how MMOs are put together. It comes with a chat server and the chat server code. It has database access through VaRest.

As far as database access, I have successfully used the Sockets plugin, which is entirely in blueprints, from the Marketplace to save player inventory data to MySQL. I intend to implement all database functions – inventory, stats, loot, etc – through that method.

The plugin requires a little java knowledge to get the java listen server running (it is open source) but it isn’t difficult.

The Low Entry Sockets plugin uses the TCP protocol, if I am not mistaken, and it was stated that you could implement your own listen server in any suitable language. More information is available in that thread.

I think it likely that you could use it as a starting place to develop your MMO.

No, it is not possible to create an MMO without C++.

Im making a game i would call a pseudo MMO, more like several smaller zones hosted on different servers, all connected through a master server, and sharing all their data across a backend database (playfab). And its entirely in blueprint so far.