mixing static shadows with moveable far shadow?

Hey so I’m trying to move my scene’s lighting over to cascade + static shadows (was previously cascade + mesh distance shadows), but I have a couple of large, far away moving objects. Previously, they had been set to “far shadow,” but apparently enabling that in the light moves the whole scene over to the cascade. Which, I guess kind of makes sense, but now I’m not sure what to do. It’s been my working assumption that it must be possible to mix static shadows with distant moveable objects, but maybe not so? Any help is appreciated, thanks.

update: tried using the “dynamic inset shadow” on the movable objects, which kind of works, except the shadow resolution it yields is super bad. I’ve fixed that (mostly) by cranking the “shadow resolution scale” on the light from 1 to 8. Seems pretty OK, except I couldn’t find much documentation on that setting, and I have no idea what kind of cost that’s incurring, or to where…?