Mixamo standard UE4 animations retarget issue


I’m trying to retarget the standard UE4 Mannequin animations to a custom character downloaded from Mixamo (the Remy character in this case, but I’ve been having the same issue with other characters).
In order to do this I have followed several tutorials on YT on how to do this, but when I finally hit “Retarget” to retarget the animations the new character Remy is transformed to some freak of nature, it could honestly give you nightmares.
I have tried multiple times to redo the process with small changes or things I thought might fix the problem but nothing has worked so far. I am getting the feeling that it has something to do with the orientation of the Mixamo character, but I don’t know how to fix this. This is my current “workflow”:

  1. Import the .fbx downloaded from Mixamo into Unreal Engine 4 in a clean ThirdPerson template (new skeleton, using T0As reference pose).
  2. Opening up the skeleton of the new character and choosing the Humanoid Rig, then mapping all bones to their respective nodes (leaving Root set to ‘None’ since there isn’t a Root bone in the Mixamo char).
  3. Opening the standard UE4 mannequin, adjusting the retargeting pose to the standard T-pose
  4. In both characters for the “Translation Retargeting” setting Hips & Root to “Animation Scaled” and the rest to “Skeleton”
  5. Selecting the ThirdPerson_AnimBP, rightclicking and selecting “Retarget Anim Blueprints -> Duplicate Anim Blueprints and Retarget”
  6. Selecting the custom Remy Skeleton as the target and finally hitting “Retarget”

The result is almost the same every time, a heavily misshapen character with a huge body and spider-like legs combined with a very tiny head on a tiny neck at the top, finished off with a set of tiny arms sticking out of the neck.
Sometimes it is slighly different but never has it been close to a normal human.

I’m hoping that someone here might have some tips as to how to solve this problem. Would be very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


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Unreal Engine 4 - (Tutorial) Using Adobe Fuse And Mixamo In UE4 With Retargeting

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