mixamo headache

I know mixamo have stopped support for unreal engine but .does that mean that i will have to use makehuman and do all the animations by hand??? im new to unreal and the thought of having to do all that is off putting to say the least i have no issue building my own models etc but i want to learn unreal and i do not like using the mannequin. does nobody know a workaround to get mixamo models working again ??? feeling very annoyed

Animation data is animation data and FBX is FBX so as long as you can import a Mixamo asset into any app that supports FBX you can still make use of the data. Saying that they no longer support the Unreal 4 engine is improper wording as it would mean that Mixamo no longer supports 100s of other applications that uses FBX.

What I think is implied is Mixamo no longer supports the requirements of Epic’s base mannequin as a direct 1-1 conversion of the animation data being a retargeted set which as far as support goes is probably a loss leader.

Overall a non-event except if you have a need to retarget to Mister Mannequin directly with in UE4.

Use iclone character creator one of the paid options

yh thanks guys i have installed the demo of iclone creator im sure its a good program and all but i was not very happy with the feel of it … i have however figured out a (long winded) way to take animations from mixamo and add them to my project i first save them to mixamo as DAE file (blender default) and then from there export as fbx …for whatever reason you have to agree to import the mesh aswell as the animation or the whole thing deforms

Are you suggesting that Mixamo breaks the FBX export comparability or that Blender still has FBX support issues?

If directly imported from mixamo or from blender ???From where does the deformation of mesh is seen ?