Mixamo doesn't support Unreal anymore? Why do they say that

I have read many recent complaints about mixamo removing the fbx unreal support. And that their animations no longer work for unreal.

Read this page from mixamo site to see long complaints


My question is what are they all talking about?

I imported the animations normally and it normally played using my own made character in unreal.

Im just wondering what are they talking about as “no unreal support, only unity and others”?

It got me sad but when i tried the animations (imported the downloaded fbx from mixamo to unreal) , i didn’t find any problem!

Can anyone clear the confusion?

Anyone have an idea ?

Yes - i think it mainly has to do with root motion and retargeting.

Mixamo animations cant be retargeted to standard epic skeleton out of the box.

Now you have to do some work in max or maya - they removed this functionality

Root motion also doesnt work out of the box

that is one of the biggest problems in unreal engine 4, compared to at least other engines, retargeting :frowning: sad but is not mixamo’s fault

See this thread.

But essentially the extra bones unreal has on its rig, vs the mixamo rig are the twist and root bones which were just added on after the fact and never influenced skinning of the mixamo skinning. They just removed that adding on. Everything works fine in my experience.