Mixamo animation not working

I have tried to download fbx skeleton unto unreal engine but it never works when I download the file off of mixamo it always shows a cross sign like something is wrong with the file. How do I download a proper Mixamo file unto unreal engine with no problems and also when I look on youtube videos, when they import their skeleton they don’t have to click UE4 Mannequin and they can leave it as none but I can’t. Help me please

If you download from the Mixamo website directly download the character as an FBx, I try and keep it in the standard rather than T pose, you then need to unpack the downloaded zip to a folder on your machine then stick the unpacked fbx file into a folder in your project.

When ue4 imports it in it’ll give you an option to select which skeleton you want to use (I think if I remember correctly) just use the Mixamo one for the character, you don’t need to mess with it or use the ue4 one.