Missing steps in UMG Drag&Drop tut series

I have been following the Drag and Drop video tutorials on the Unreal Engine youtube channel and in the second video Wes claims that there steps set up in the previous video, which were not. I have gone back and watch the first video more than once, and he absolutely did not cover these steps.

The first one is setting up the InventorySlot Widget and the second is creating the HasInventorySpace function within the Controller BP. He also did not cover the PickupItem function in previous video.

Is he talking about the previous UMG series, or the previous Drag and Drop video Part 1?

Its not that big of a deal for me, I have worked around them but others that are less knowledgeable will not be able to follow the series because these vital steps are missing.

What happened to the content?


I found the answer…

Quote Originally Posted by KrunkFu

There are some things that I think need to be addressed in the next stream.

There are functions in the player controller in the second stream that weren’t covered in the first stream.
These functions were referenced at 46:20 and 47:00 in the second stream. The logic for those was set up in the second stream but that wouldn’t be clear to the viewer the first time the functions are called.

At 10:30 in the second stream it was mentioned that the inventory slot was created in the previous stream but it wasn’t. The designer view of the inventory slot was briefly discussed but the graph wasn’t. If there were functions or function overrides create on the inventory slot then the viewer would not be able to follow along since inventory slot was never brought up again.

Thank you KrunkFu! You are absolutely correct. In setting up for the second stream, I grabbed the wrong project to start with and it had some extra stuff in it that I thought we had already covered in the first stream. I will address that in today’s stream to kick it off so that when all 3 videos are posted, you can jump to the third stream to continue that prep work and add those missing functions.