Missing my games folder and couldn't save package check log window for further details

Okay. I search for 3days some info about why my MyGames folder disappeard and i cannot find the correct answers. I looked on mamy forums, there was almost the same problems. But not fully. So I have couple questions but first what you have to know.

I using UT3 editor from steam platform for making new mapa and learning about level design. My pc could not run ut4 that’s why. I maked 2/3 montha ago soft format on my PC. After that i install all Drivers, steam, and i installed UT3. And first stuff. I cannot use play here becasue i have pop up about “couldn’t save package check log window for further details” I cannot save the map. I tried almost all. Reinstall. Created MY GAMES manually but it does not helps. I moved old files from windows.old with good Path to my games (included) My games also to my current profile and its still does not work. Command Shell:personal:Games also does not work. And MY GAMES is not hidden folder. Any ideas what to do?