missing LOD's in vehicle game assets? or it's ok? and how/why?

hello everyone,
I was thinking about using some Epic UE4 demos assets for my proyect, i picked up “Vehicle Demo” to start grabbing assets then I saw that most of them HAS NOT LOD’s!, isn’t that a bad practice? or is an special trick to use a lot of 10000 triangles models for all the level without LOD’s there is no foliage too and btw dinamic light has pretty high thresholds.

so what is the trick? :slight_smile:

thanks for any tip.

Normally you add at least one LOD stage to your meshes, but this depends on the mesh and the level (so in special cases you can also leave them away to get a better result). :slight_smile:

In the case of the vehicle template map you can see that they use pretty few meshes + those meshes are pretty low poly (many of them are around 1000 tris) -> in the scene are just around 2,6 million tris. For example in my forest scene I use around 33 million tris (I also use pretty low poly meshes)-> there I use LOD’s to get a better performance.