Missing assets and files when packaging WIN64


I have some troubles packaging my project with 4 plugins, The package builds successfully but when I launch my game, a lot of things are missing ( cannot access a level, missing functionnalities …)
I found in the package logs a lot of time this:

UATHelper: Packaging (Windows (64-bit)): UE4Editor-Cmd: [2017.05.30-08.47.16:299] 0]LogSavePackage:Display: No exports found (or all exports are editor-only) for server_situation. Package will not be saved.

I don’t know why it cannot be saved, and one in the four plugins is working correctly so I don’t think that it’s a plugin’s installation problem.
My project is working with ue4.15

Any help would be great!

I am having the same issue. A material used throughout our project is not making it to the final build. I solved the issue momentarily by re-importing the asset under a new name and replacing all of it’s references, but since then the issue has returned.

I wonder if my plugins content are built before my project content that will result in missing references in blueprints.