Mirrors in UE4.11. Can we create convincing ones?

So i have an interior of a washroom with several mirrors placed in quite a tight space. Has anyone got any thoughts on the best way to achieve reasonably accurate reflections? I’ve tried using a simple reflective material, this gave me very blurred reflections. I then tried using a scene capture cube and a scene capture2d but both of these gave pretty poor results as you moved around the room. It doesn’t need to be super accurate, but i’d like it to at least keep the right scale and look convincing enough. Attached image shows the sort of space i’m working in. Any help or direction would be really really appreciated. Paul

You’re gonna want 4.12 for the Best Mirrors. Planar Reflections are now available in Preview 2. I was messing around with them a few hours ago, it was pretty sweet.

Oh really… HAHA!! pretty lucky for me then i guess. Thanks for the link. Looks promising. I’ll try and maybe post some results.

Using a box reflection capture actor can work well enough for for glass and small mirrors as well, just scale it cover just the target object.