minimap bug in all creative maps

the minimap has been bugged for ages. for every creative map.

Hello FNcapybaraTWITCH!

Have you tried setting the LevelBounds size of your project to match the proper area of your gameplay? The minimap will be captured based on it.

Thanks, let me know if this helps!

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I found an answer about this, but now the question is where to find this in UEFN?

Hi 2GH Samburskoy,

Your project has an actor (accessible via the World Outliner) called ‘LevelBounds’. Select it and by using the Scale widget to match your gameplay area.

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I’m unable to scale LevelBounds. Am I doing something wrong? If I change values manually, it just reverts to the original ones. If I use the scale widget, it doesn’t do anything. I’ve looked around on many forum posts and I can’t find an answer anywhere.

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@mikeyaworski Thank you for your report! Can you please re-post using the “New Issue” option on the Issues and Bug Reporting forums? Posts with this feature are connected directly into our development team so we can quickly get to them!

For more information, such as how to get the reference ID, please check out the article here: Using the Creative and UEFN Bug Reporting Form