Mini Series Part 3: Battle Chatter | UE4 Audio Tutorial

In the third video of the series we’ll use our data engine to drive chatter based on Player States. We’ll create an Enum for different types of chatter, like Ambient, Combat, Fuel, Resource Collecting, and more.

I’ve set this up (loosely) as a strategy game but it could be used for any kind of game, including non-combat games like exploration or search and rescue.

Later in the series we’ll look at Harvesting, creating some actors that can be harvested by the Player, with sounds and visual effects as well.

We’ll look at the AI ship’s weapon – how we can trigger sounds in impact and what sound to play when a shot misses, as well as some simple visual effects.

And we’ll create a fuel system and widget, with audio triggers for low and critical fuel as well as triggering an engine sound to play only when the ship is moving.

I’ll also be uploading a couple of short non-audio-related videos showing how we level the ship and how to create engine trails :slight_smile:

Mini Series Part 3: Battle Chatter Sound Effects | UE4 Audio Tutorial - YouTube