Mini Maps its a little tricky to set up

I got the Mini Map now working I set it up so when you press the tab key up pops the mini map in large form on the screen so it fills up the screen. But when I get it showing up on the screen,

Strange… I somehow got it working. When I hit Tab Key. The Mini Map pops up, as long as I hold the tab down the map stays on the screen and I can move the pawn around
when moving the mouse. When I let go of the tab key the mini map dissapears. All I did was add a Remove widgets node to the tab key release.

Now I’ve just one problem left to solve. I only want just the map to be removed from the game screen, not remove all the widgets, so how do I remove just only the map’s widget?

I know you’re supposed to use a remove from parent but I don’t know how to
quite set that node up.