Mine Max Player(s) Positions

I am trying to get the min and max X and Z of each player on the screen. We can have up to 4 players at once. This does not work for various reasons, some of them including that we can have less than 4 players on the screen. Also, it throws a fit in the logs.

I haven’t try but maybe by using a get all player character (controller ?) / loop / compare min max x and z of new value with actual one / set min max x and z, would work.

I will give it a shot.

It seems like a good idea, but I am getting an error with the player array. Thanks - once again - for helping out Fen.


Happy if it helps ^^ As get all player character was not possible, i tried a get all player controller. Maybe loop from it and drag getplayercharacter or controlledpawn from it…

I get the same error with Player Controller.

Seems I was using a For Each instead of a For Loop. I will post the results if I get it working. Thanks again for the help.

To be sure, your array input is not connected in your loop in your pic. If you not connected a get all controllers to this input, it will not work. Is it the trouble ?

Actually, it just doesn’t work with a For Each for some reason. A For Loop worked however. I am not trying to get the logic part down. I will make sure to post the working blueprint for search reasons.