Minaosis' Playground - FREE Destructible Construction System - WIP

Hello Everyone. Thanks for visiting!

**Overview v1.2 (08.Jan.2016) **

Overview v1.4 (Mostly the same as v1.2 but with “Bob” as the new PlayerCharacter)

SneakPeak V1.6 (New Structures, New placing method, Crafting, Extended Inventory, New Textures, Overall BP improvements)


Deleted the old presentation text. Going to redo it to better fit the current direction

Download Links:
Playground Version 1.2: https://goo.gl/3Q9e9z

Playground Version 1.4: https://goo.gl/i2ibIj

Playground Version 1.6: SOON:p**

Cool ! Looking good !

Just want to announce that I decided to share this project and make it free.

When exactly depends on how long it takes to add and fix some stuff. Probably this weekend :wink:

@darkZ: thanks

Replaced the Demo Download Link with the whole Project. Download it for free now :smiley:
Should work with 4.9 and 4.10

You wont see big differences visually but its now much more userfriendly and easier to integrate.
I moved the Main Logic to an BlueprintComponent. So when migrating you just have to bind the Controls.
Replacing or adding Meshes should be pretty easy once you spend a little time with the project.

In this video you can see the automatic saving and the new manual method used to translate the Meshes.
Also some new testing Meshes to Build Castles.
[video][Playground] - Auto Save/Load & Manual Transform - v1.1 - UE4 - YouTube

Hope it can be usefull to some people. If you have any Questions or you want to contribute to the development, send me a pm :wink:


I love destruction… I seriously do. Cannot wait to see more

There will be more.

Btw if a Mod reads this. could you please adjust the Thread title so people immediately see that its free?

Thanks man love toys.

i’d just like to thank you for this :smiley:

little Preview

Began to experiment with Physics Constraints for vehicles, siege weapons, etc.
I will try to fully implement the basics till next week.


Its not shown in the Video but you can now harvest trees and rocks. There’s an inventory that will be extended and a simple crafting system that will be added.

Looks fun! It’s a clever trick to replace instanced meshes with destructibles only when projectile approaches it.
Regarding taking into account pieces which stand on top of other pieces. Medieval Engineers use voxels for this kind of calculations, it’s not necessary per see but makes it much easier to notify object if their neighbor object collapsed and check if it should effect them somehow. Sparse octree voxel structure for storing and processing buildings can be a good start, unfortunately most of the articles that you can find are focused more on efficient rendering than efficient interaction between blocks.
Good luck with siege machines! Setting up constraints can tricky, this might help: http://docs.nvidia.com/gameworks/content/gameworkslibrary/physx/guide/Manual/Joints.html
there are some tips at the end of the page.

Hey thanks for the link and your Tank project. Didnt have much time to look into it yet but it feels nice to drive them.

Im not using voxels because I dont have the skills to do so (yet). Would be great to have completely destructible environments though^^
About the destruction. I can think of 2 different methods to fake it one of them is easy to implement but performance would suffer alot. The other requires more work but would work more efficient.
Anyway its way more fun messing around with constraints now :wink:

little Peek what I’m working on.

Just Blueprints btw.

Working with Physics Constraints and making them NOT go crazy is a huge pain in the a**
So I wasn’t motivated to continue working on this Project till I found out about Procedural Meshes 2 days ago. Procedural Mesh | Unreal Engine Documentation

that’s pretty cool, nicely done:)

That was great!

i like it soooo much , thanks for sharing

Yes i like it too. I need to play it now.

Glad you guys like it. **Update coming very soon.
It will include:

  • the “Fake” Landscape Editor with (at least) Sculpt, Flatten, Smooth and a simple AutoAlignedMaterial. Because of limitations of the ProceduralMeshComponent I can’t make multiple Sections without erasing others with a higher Index. This limits the size of the Landscape to 64x64 Vertices. Everything bigger has too much of a performance impact. If I can go around this problem with multiple ProceduralMeshes instead of sections I might be able to make a decent sized Landscape.

  • No modular Vehicles yet. I still ain’t motivated to deal with Constraints. But there is the Test Vehicle inside the Level BP.

  • A ridiculously stupid Character out of Static Meshes that works with Rotation Interp instead of Animations. It looks like the lost Child of Minecraft Steve and his Lego Wife :>

  • There will (probably) be a Gridfree Placing Mode. I see it like this: You can press a Button to toggle the GridMode, Place a Construct however you wish. With another Button you can mark It. Then everything will be placed relative to the Marked

  • Ressource Gathering with a simple Inventory. I’m actually not sure if it’s already there in the current Version.

planned things I have in mind

  • pdf documentation (?)
  • basic AI
  • Some sort of Combat and Level System. Rpg Style
  • An editatable Planet Sphere out of Procedural Mesh with Custom Gravity and randomized height .
  • Improved Destruction
  • I have a special interest in a specific Multiplayer functionality. The idea is to be able to teleport to a Multiplayer Level, store its Vertices and the Transform of Constructs in a MySql Database and load/upload it automatically in a yet undefined interval with the VaRest Plugin. You would be able to see what others build in semi realtime.

Let me know what you think (especially Multiplayer Part) and if there is something else you would like in this Project :>

I’m making this for fun, sooo I’m open for ideas and directions.

Nice work, Minaosis. Looks like a lot of FUN and it will be awesome once you have multiplayer working. Considering its FREE, have you considered going full open-dev so others can contribute? I can help out with setting up P4 Version Control. I’m Blueprinting several in-game Editors for my Dungon Crawl and I like construction/destruction:cool: so this is up my alley.

if you wants to make updates you have to uplaud the project on git hub so the other can download it easily

really nice work Minaosis. we have similar goals, and even a similar title, Teg’s Playground :slight_smile:

can i ask about that landscape,
when you sculpt the landscape in game, are you re-generating the entire procedural mesh each time or are you manipulating vertices?
if its the latter have you tried/is it possible with an imported mesh?