Military Base

Piece 007 - Guard Room 01

Previous images were with dynamic light.
Testing with baked light.

Piece 008 - Hesco Bastion 01

Iray render:

Piece 009 - Ammo Can 01

Very Good work !!!
I can’t wait to see more !

Piece 010 - Ammo Box 02 - (Ammo Box 01 still WIP)

UE4 Render

Iray Render

I’m in love with Iray! :smiley:

Piece 011 - Ammo Crate 01

Iray Render

What other assets do you plan to include in this pack?

Fences, Walls, Light projectors, More obstacles, Barbed wires, Barracks, Tents, Fuel tanks, Supply packs, SAM sites, Missile shells, Watch towers, Hangars and whatever other props (you) want! :wink: Are on the way and getting posted here almost everyday!

Basically we started from the small ones.

DA MN (it sensors it without spaces…lol) these are some Quality assets!, When will they be on for sale?

SAM sites, missiles, throw in some Gatling guns and artillery and I am a definite buyer (besides what I and you already mentioned in this thread)’

EDIT: BTW, are you planning to make it modular (eg: will I be able to duplicate the sections of building to make it longer/wider)

I will consider submitting the pack when it’s up to at least 40 pieces. :slight_smile:

Some sort of assets such as guns and vehicles would require animations, code, sounds and vfx work. We would no include such assets in this package for now. Maybe in the future. :slight_smile:

I need only 3d assets for those…

Static artillery is on the list. I’m still not sure if it’s a good move to include guns as static models without any interactivity. It usually results in a lot of complains on other packs that take that course.

I used to work in an artillery battery as the fire directions control man. I would recommend that if you are designing howitzer cannons, you create a separate mesh for the tube. When the cannon fires, the tube gets pushed backward from the recoil. It’s easier to add that functionality in if the meshes are independent :slight_smile:

Hey these props look cool, gg :wink:

Thanks for the tip Slayemin. :slight_smile:
I have no plans for animating these assets yet so everything serves as static meshes but I just added the tip to the list in front of it to be taken care of in case we decided to animate it we’ll not run into troubles anymore. Appreciated! :slight_smile:

@macoll, Thanks man! :slight_smile:

The pack is looking great, looking forward to buy it.
Also, a little suggestion: it could be nice to add a spline BP to work with the barbed wire and some fences, so it could be more flexible.
It would be not only better for the consumers but to you too, since you wouldn’t have to create all the different sections of it.

Thanks. Will make sure they’d be working perfectly well with splines! :slight_smile: