Migration to Unreal Engine 4.25 - THE CONTROLS DON'T WORK

Hello, i hope someone can help me.

I’m giving the first steps in VR development, I started using Unreal engine 4.23 where I created some content for my VIVE COSMOS and everything works wonderfully.
I decided to upgrade to version 4.25 and whenever I do a simulation in the VR system the controls do not work or simply unreal gives an error.
I started the motion control map without any intervention from me, everything works fine except for the controls, I can move my hands but I can’t grab anything. I tried again in version 4.23 and everything works fine.
Can someone help me? I really want to work on version 4.25.

Hey there! Some of the inputs were refactored. Please check out this docs page for more info:…ion/index.html

This is it, thank you soooo ■■■■ much :slight_smile: works perfectly.