Migrating to unreal (need a push in the right direction)

Hello dear Readers,

(Please excuse me for my bad english. I will try to stay understandable.)

About me: I have already programmed in c++, c#, java, actionscript, VB and made some Flashgames 2D and 3D(Away 3D)
but now i want to migrate my projects from Away 3D to Unreal. The Reason therefor is that away3D is to slow and has absolute no support i only could handle it because i had lots of experience with actionscript and could bruteforce a lot of solutions.

What i am trying to make: I am building a universal world where i can tryout my selfmade input devices. I have already sucessfuly build a rawboat and a shooting simulator(proof of concept) and many should folow.
My idea behind this is to create more realistic input and feedback devices everyone can made for themself at home. Like e.g. you can take your excersice bike combine it with an old mouse/joystick and ride around in my openworld game. You can ad an auto break feedback system to simulate uphil and so on…

Next Goal:
I Get a wiimote ircam Input into unreal
II Get webcam input into unreal and process it(nothing special like the brightest point in the picture)
III Use an arduno as an in and output device
IV Create a giantic openworld type of game similar to zelda windwaker where you have lots of ocean openspace and 100+ isles. So i can test bike, submarine, rawboat, plane, and railgun shooting controllers. I want some nice looking world with a moderate amount of details. I will use handmade hightmaps and preceduraly/height/seed generated vegetation. This is already made in Away3D(it doesnt look to pretty but it somehow runs with 30 to 60 fps)

1.Where do I start? I read lots of tutorials but not very sure if those where the right one. Do you know about some must read once?
2.How do i get the cam input to interface with my game? Do I need a server which will process the images and then send the coordinates to unreal. Or can I just write a plugin.
3.Is it possible to comunicate with an arduino (both way) in unreal.
4.Is it even possible to create a waste world lag free and good looking without tileing it and manage everything by hand?
5.Can I achive my goals with unreal or is there a better solution?(functionality is more desireable then nice looking graphics)

I would apriciate a gentle push in the right direction. If I will have some sparetime I will gladly share my achievments with you.