Migrating the Default VR Project from Unreal 4.19.0 to my existing one

I wanted to use the** 'Virtual Reality Blueprint template" **and tried two approaches to load the example into my Project and failed.

1) Migrate

I’ve created a new “Virtual Reality Blueprint Project”, then I’ve selected the ‘MotionControllerMap’ from the ContentBrowser and migrated it to my existing project, which was succeeded.

2) Copy / Paste Assets

  • Geometry
  • StarterContent
  • VirtualReality
  • VirtualRealityBP

I’ve copied the content’s of a freshly created ‘VR Blueprint Template Project’ to my existing project.

In both cases the level loads successful, the HDM and the Motioncontrols are tracking but the teleport doesn’t work.

I find the easiest way to move assets is using Migrate- this will migrate selected assets and their dependencies. So the simplest thing in this case is to select the assets or folder you need and migrate it.

He’s not using my plugin boxchat…

Wait, I’ve used “Asset Actions” -> “Migrate” what other options do I have?

Make sure to use that Migrate option on the root folder “Content”. This way you’ll make sure to migrate all of the templates content. Bare in mind that project settings will not be migrated. You’d have to setup inputs and few other VR related options manually.

Yes and that’s my question, what options are needed to be set so it works? I even exported/imported the project settings, that didn’t help.

Migrating should work fine. To get teleporting to work you will need to set up a Nav Mesh, and copy the Input Bindings in the Project Settings. You mentioned importing the Project Settings, so it might just be the nav mesh.

Just to clarify, I’ve migrated everything, as well the maps, so the nav meshes are there. The map is loaded, but the controls are not triggering the teleport ui.

I’ve ended up copying everything into the VR Project, which wasn’t fun and is kind of an overkill but it worked.