Migrated Skeletal Mesh Assets are not keeping their relative links to assets within same folder/subfolders

Dear Friends at Epic,

During the Beta I could migrate out assets to desktop, and then move them to new project and they would retain their links!

When I migrate out my skeletal mesh and accompanying assets, they are not retaining their links!

#To Desktop

Again I am migrating the assets not from one content folder to another, but to desktop and to a zip file, since I am prepping them for the marketplace

#This is very Not Good For Marketplace!

Why are skeletal mesh assets not retaining their links?

I can migrate out particle systems pretty easily, they usually transfer quite well!

For skeletal mesh, the physics asset, skeletal mesh, skeleton, materials, none of them retain their links after migration and import into a new project!


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  1. Make folder called Content on desktop

  2. Migrate files so that exact folder structure remains intact, off of Content in your project

  3. Copy content folder over to new project from zip file

  4. Merge zip file’s content folder with other project’s content folder

Reason: you cant add new or different directory structure, the exact relative paths must be the same

I was copy files over and putting them in a new and different subdirectory off of content, that messed up the relative paths

Creating Content folder on desktop and migrating to it, from a directory that is just off of Content in your project, is the way around this!

Then once you import you can move the folder wherever you please!