Migrate Blueprint with C++ parents


I have recently started developing on ue4.12.5, I build a number of blueprints based on C++ parents in a sandbox. Now that I want to start a new project I can’t migrate the blueprints. This is due to the path at which the blueprints looks for the parent C++ file. I have tried editing the defaultengine.ini file but the blueprints are still unable to find the parent.

I have also recreated the C++ parent in the new project. Anyway to get the blueprint to use relative paths ?


Thanks in advance =D

I don’t remember any troubles with migration of a C-based project. That’s how i did it:

  1. create a new empty (or not) C++ project
  2. copy your custom C++ files (except projectname.h/cpp and .cs files) to the new project source folder
  3. open a new project in UE and in Visual Studio (don’t close UE Editor!).
  4. copy code from your old projectname.h/cpp and cs files to a new project files if necessary
  5. add another copied files to the project (right click on a project name -> add -> add existing).
  6. fix headers and includes in all copied files (PROJECTNAME_API and #include “ProjectName.h” to fit your new project name.
  7. recompile project in VS (I think it’s not necessary, but I did it) and then in the UE Editor. You’ll be able to see your C++ classes in the UE Editor.
  8. that’s all, now you can migrate non-C++ content.

Are you able to open the Blueprint and go to “File->Reparent Blueprint”? Then you could choose the C++ file.
Then you would only need to copy paste the C++ file from one to another project instead of recreating it.

Hm I have tried that method, but it doesn’t work when you want to port it to a new project. I managed to get it to work after a number of tries. Posted my findings here Migrate blueprint with C++ parent class - UE4 AnswerHub . Thanks for the response =)