Migrate animations to copied skeleton

I have a workflow when using asset packs where I only copy what’s immediately needed into my project to keep the repository clean. As such, I copied a skeleton and skeletal mesh in the past without the 100 animations that came with it. Now I want to copy some animations over, but I can’t find out how and would appreciate any pointers. Note that this isn’t a humanoid skeleton, but it’s a very simple custom skeleton instead (a bow).

I feel like it should be simple since the skeletons match 100%. Any advice appreciated!

Well, I guess this works:

  1. Duplicate the animation asset
  2. Close the editor
  3. In file explorer, delete the original skeleton asset
  4. Open the editor, try to open the duplicated animation asset.
  5. The editor will complain that the skeleton couldn’t be find and ask whether you want to assign new one. Assign the new skeleton.


  1. Close the editor and restore the original skeleton asset so that remaining animations for the original skeleton still work

But this is rather roundabout so if anyone knows a proper way to do this, much appreciated. :slight_smile: