Midi device support plugin packaging fail

I have a problem packaging a project if the Midi Device Support plugin (as supplied with ue4) is enabled. I have tested by creating a very simple project which packages successfully but which then fails if I simply enable the Midi Device Support in that project without adding any blueprint nodes at all.
My machine is running windows 7 with microsoft visual studio community 2017. Here is the log file

This seemed to indicated a possible lack of common tools for c++ so I tried on another machine which is running the visual c++ which downloads from your link which happens when packaging fails due to no installation which I think is the 2015 version. This machine also fails and here is its log.

I have the midi working in the viewport but no packaging. The midi functionality is crucial to what I would like to build so I hope that there is some way of solving this.

Cheers and thanks for a great program.

I have found the solution.

I uninstalled my current version of visual studio so that on the next package attempt I was prompted to download using visualstudio.exe.

I saved the visualstudio.exe to my machine and ran it. Then, when offered the choice between default and custom install I selected custom install and in there was an unticked option for ‘common controls’.

I ticked that option and everything else too just to be on the safe side. After the long download and install and reboot my project now packages and runs.

I hope this helps.