Mid-range Laptop for UE?

Hello everybody!

To make a long story short, I am losing my work, and I have decided to go back to architectural visualization and hopefully environment art for games - last time I tried to do something with it was nearly 4 years ago, but currently I do not have much to lose.

I wanted to ask if you have any recommendations for a fairly cheap, sub 1300 EUR, laptop which could get me started with Unreal Engine. I would also like to get back to Zbrush. By reading the threads, I know a laptop is not ideal (unfortunately due to my situation I might have to move around a lot) and my budget is not the best, but maybe some of you might be working in similar conditions.

Some stuff I found: (not too fond of HP laptops as I had a bad experience in the past; but maybe things have changed) (should be around 1200 EUR if it becomes available again via

I know that both might need a bigger SSD. I got one in my current PC (which has only a bad Intel HD card) of 512 GB.

Thanks all, I hope to be back soon with some work!