Microsoft's Visual Studio 2013 'Community Edition', iOS & 'droid Support Announcement

Just wondering, in the context of Microsoft’s big announcement today that Visual Studio is released in a full-featured free community edition, support for targeting iOS & Android netively, etc, what are Epic’s plans to support the development platform (I assume it will more or less at some point), and how this effects the current XCODE and Android NDK/JDK efforts?

Specifically, in the short-term, does Epic recommend developers move to 2013 Community Edition? I’d sure love to get better debugging going! Is going to Visual Studio 2015 Preview a good or bad idea? I’d rather not waste a lot of time trying it out if it’s not going to work.

Longer term, how does this all effect Epic’s multi-platform strategy?

Tanks in advance…

Is it really native? I looked at it and it just seemed to be well unity integrated. And that this is what they mean with ios and android.

If you want to preview the new features, install VS2015 Preview. But expect some unfinished features and bugs. Usually, the RC version is a stable one(RTM is final version). Alle the CTP’s and preview versions are unstable.

Any version before RC could interfere with your existing Visual Studio installations, so I recommend installing it in a virtual machine.

Here’s a link to a Gamasutra article on the matter. Free if your company is making less than $1 Million a year, not bad!

Not bad at all! Best part is I have my plugins again!!! I can’t stand the express version personally… :wink:

Here is some more discussion on this as well:!

I’m not sure if Microsoft is using their ARM compiler. From what I gather, the final build needs to run on a Mac in order to comply with Apple’s ‘walled garden’ requirements.

Visual Studio only supports building iOS/Android apps using HTML/Javascript on-top of the integrated version of Apache Cordova:

This is not the same as native compilation, so compiling a C/Obj-C/C++ codebase like UE4 for Mac/iOS will still require using Xcode on a Mac.

Yup, but if there is a Mac with the relevant tools on a network (this can be done via a VM on a Mac, for example) VS will have the Mac build the relevant files.