Microsoft Windows Holographic, HoloLens and Holograms

So Microsoft just announced Windows Holographic and a HoloLens headset to go with it.

After picking my jaw up off the floor, one of my first thoughts was how are we going to develop for this? They mentioned Unity is going to support it. I’m interested to know what Epic’s plans are.

Epic don’t need any plans. Microsoft is working on integrating DX12 to unreal, since you know, source for everyone for 19$ ;). They probably worked at integrating this as well.

Yeah, it is extremely unlikely that UE won’t support it

And it’s probably really far away from coming out. I guess we’ll find out more later as far as what it can do, I have some doubts.

I personally want UE support for Hololens - I have some crazy Ideas that I Want to see in AR.