Microsoft Hololens

is there any plan for supporting Hololens in future ? i couldnt find a good answer for that . i hope epic make a decision to support hololens

Currently no plans–it requires Universal Windows Platform support which is not something that Epic wants to support. Microsoft has UE4 source available with UWP integration, however there’s no API added for Hololens there, it’s mostly to help with Xbox One development.

I hope Epic make a decision to support UWP in future , its really frustrating we cant make apps for Hololens.
thanks for respond

Microsoft HoloLens is now covered in Windows Mixed Reality. The UWP integration is working fine for HoloLens using visual Studio 2017 via Sideloading for instance the Epic Sun Temple demo and the Epic Zen Garden, which my project was to demonstrate.

The main work is now on getting the Immersive Headset, supposedly to be released in November or as USA say Holiday (December). The HoloLens is a REST-API ( web calls).

the Mixed Reality and UWP will never go to mainstream Epic, but just be branches off the main branch the latest development needs the Windows 10 Insider Build 16257.1000 which will be the new Windows 10 Update .

This is really heavy, bumpy, developer country and you cannot put anything in the Windows Store with support from Microsoft ATG at the moment

If you are still interested in the source to build see the developers MixedReality for Unreal and the Acer Windows Mixed Reality headset

For the HoloLens forums see…ns-and-answers

No point right now anyway, the current Hololens is being discontinued in favor of a new version coming out… who knows when. Point is both the chipset being used for Hololens 1 and the set itself are going on the byway; and unless you work at MS there’s no word yet of what or when the new one will hit.