MetaSounds don't play when promoted to a variable

Has anyone else tried using MetaSounds as variables on an actor to then play via the blueprint?

When I do this, the variables are just returning nothing and no sounds play. I’m trying to set it up this way so I can easily change what sounds play on instances of the blueprint, but it just fails to play if it’s setup this way.

To Repro:

  1. Setup a node to Spawn Sound at Location or Spawn Sound Attached and pick a MetaSounds object
  2. This plays just fine
  3. Promote the MetaSound you picked to a variable
  4. It no longer plays

If anyone is looking for a workaround for this, use the MetaSounds as components that you activate. You can then edit the specific metasound being used on the inherited versions of the blueprint.

This works just fine. It’s also easier to shut off overlapping sounds this way.